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Best Forex Books
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Best Trading Forex Books Reviews:

We are constantly searching for a best forex book (forex trading books) that can be especially useful for a currency trader. We will select absolutely the best forex book to be featured here.

Recommended Best Forex Book:

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This this is the best and the most complete forex trading book and a must read for any new or experienced forex trader.

Have you lost money trading forex? Then reading this book will help you to understand why and how this can be corrected. Find what separates the best forex traders from the rest of losers…


From the Review of the
“Secrets of High-Yield Currency Trading”:

 “Having recently started trading Forex, I have been avidly devouring as many books as I can to increase my toolkit. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly, but “Secrets of High-Yield Currency Trading” by Edward Mellar has been a revelation.

This is the perfect trading book to bridge the gap between beginners’ guide and technical manual. It deals with the fundamentals thoroughly but what I really liked was the fact that it presents you with good, solid strategies for successful trading and focuses on furnishing you with real techniques for dealing with real life situations.

It is written in easy-to-understand language while providing advanced strategies to help you analyse technical data. Edward is an analyst to the core but he manages to make the complicated area of fundamental analysis easy to comprehend, and provides some good, solid techniques in clear and concise language.

The author has a solid trading background and is not afraid to share his lows as well as his highs. He includes lots of useful information about how to avoid traps and scams and there is a large section on risk management.

This is an easy-to-follow guide that I will be referring to for some time to help steer me through the maze of currency trading.

All in all, a superb bible for any Forex trader, from beginner to pro.”



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Best Trading Forex Book
Review of The Best Trading Forex Books

Best Forex Trading Book

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“Right on target. I highly recommend this site. After reading material here for an hour I could understand more about how currency trading works than I did after reading forums for several month and taking "promotional" courses from the major forex broker.”
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