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FXproTec Universal Currency Converter is easy to use - Just input the desired "Amount", select a currency "From" (the currency you have) & "To" (the currency you want) drop-down menus and that's it - the Exchange Rate is shown automatically under "Result"
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The Currency Converter provides rates for All the World's major and exotic currencies that we just could think of.
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What is Forex?

Forex is the largest, most traded, most liquid and most dynamic financial market in the world.

Is Forex a scam?

How the largest financial market can possibly be a scam? But on that note, the currency trading area is very attractive to unscrupulous operators. Use this site to learn how to recognize signs of a possible scam or fraud.

How risky currency trading is?

Currency trading can be very risky depending on how knowledgeable and disciplined the trader is. Trading in any leveraged and volatile instrument can be a risky business. That is why risk management is so important for trading currency successfully. You simply cannot afford not to use it. Jump-into-the-water-first-and-learn-to-swim-after approach will likely not work very well in the world of forex trading, as the possibility of losing your pants can become a painful reality in no time. You can learn how to manage the risks of currency trading here.

How profitable currency trading is?

Currency trading can be very lucrative depending on how knowledgeable and disciplined the trader is. Trading the forex market can indeed present unparalleled opportunities but only to those with knowledge and experience of how to navigate its murky, shark-infested and quite dangerous waters. Education is the Key.

How trading currency compares with trading more traditional markets like the stock exchange?

Currency trading is highly technical in its nature. A recent survey by the Fed confirmed that nearly each professional forex trader routinely uses technical analysis in making trading decisions. Monkeys throwing darts would not do nearly as well trading currency as they did picking stocks. You can learn how forex technical analysis works here.

Is forex trading one of those get-rich-quick schemes?

Hardly a get-rich-quick scheme, successful currency trading requires a lot of knowledge and discipline. The good part is that learning the fundamentals is within a reach of an average person.

What about the software, can it trade forex for me?

Many programs that can be helpful are out there but no software will trade on its own.

Why this site is free?

Many currency trading courses and seminars are charging thousands of dollars while pressuring the students to buy something dubious like currency trading systems that would guarantee risk-free, exorbitant returns. Because this is a new site we decided to let visitors appreciate it fully for free. Enjoy it.

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